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Need to Sell Your Home?

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I'm David Dweck and at DweckDeals, I buy houses of every kind/in any condition for any price. I can help you sell your home as is  and get you ca$h in as little as 14 days! It’s 100% FREE, and you’re under no obligation to sell your house once I’ve made an offer! Contact me or fill out my Homeowner Self-Service Form and I will get in touch with you and make you an offer.

I've been doing this for over 25 years and completed over 2000 deals!

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    Call me or use the Get An Offer button to start the process of getting your offer.

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    I will do the research and provide an initial offer on your property.

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    After the remote inspection, I’ll make an initial offer (not final) on your home.

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    If you accept the offer, after a final inspection, I’ll immediately move to buy your house!

Let Me Help You
Weather the Storm

Your house is supposed to be your anchor. Sometimes it can become a heavy burden that threatens your security. How do you get away from a house before it pulls you under destroying all that you've built?

I get it — and I'm here to help. DweckDeals can cut the chain of a hard-to-sell property, helping you move forward quickly and easily.

we help you weather the storm

What Homes Do I Buy?

Any Home, Any Condition, Any Price!

We buy all homes in south florida

I Will Buy Your Home No Matter The Neighborhood, Condition Or Reason.

Contact me and I’ll make you a fast offer, so you can sell your home and get on with your life! No more realtors, showings, or excuses.

  • Need to sell quickly?
  • Moving in the near future?
  • Home on the market for a long time with no sale?
  • Divorce?
  • Lots of people looking, but no one seems interested?
  • Realtors/listings just aren’t getting the job done?
  • Ugly house, no curb appeal?
  • Bad house layout? Code violation problems?
  • Trying to avoid foreclosure?
  • Buying a new home, but need to sell the old one first?
  • Stuck in a bad neighborhood, school district, etc?
  • Inherit a property which you need to unload?
  • Just tired of facing problems with selling your home?